Saturday Photohunt

Theme: Happy

One of the peanut’s favorite words right now is butterfly.  So, we took her to the butterfly exhibit at the zoo on Wednesday and had so much fun!  There are butterflies everywhere and they even land on you.  Beautiful!

If you want to play along, go to!

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Follower of Jesus Christ. Wife for Life. Mom to 2 girls. Homeschooler. Missions Minded. Book reader. Traveller. Mountain Loving. Tea drinker.

29 thoughts on “Saturday Photohunt

  1. Hi Amy, thanks for dropping by dear and your kind words always. I have kept your adress so I will be visiting. I love these pictures, that one of you and the peanut is so cute, and the butterfly is great. I love pics of butterflies, they are so beautiful. I will be back someday, and I will be even better blogger lol. So have yourself a great weekend and God bless you all. Hug, Pauline

  2. Hi Amy,

    Your blog looks great!!!

    I laughed at Peanut with that bucket on her head. Too funny and so cute!!!

    You all be well and I forget to visit my friends who moved from spaces.

    I was glad to see you at Miss Cee’s space.


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