Grosser than Gross Story

Stephanie, over at, is having a contest for a Dirt Devil Kone.  You just need to relay your most grosser than gross story.  And, as moms, we all know you’ve got to have some!  Mine is actually a repeat entry from March 4th.  And, since it just happened again the other day, I am so still relating to it! 

So, without further hesitation, here is my grosser than gross story:

Warning, Warning: If you are eating something DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go any further…hey, I warned you!!

You know, a few weeks ago I was reading another mommy tell a really ick story about her 8 month old, and thought, oh, how glad I am that was not me. Of course, today, it was me.

So, my hubby put the peanut in the tub for her bath before bedtime. I could hear them in there laughing and playing, meanwhile I was going through old mail to toss away in the kitchen. Suddenly I hear, “Honey, can you come help me? Honey! Honey!!” So, it’s getting louder and louder so I go rushing in there, a little confused and concerned. I walk in to find my husband dry heaving over the side of the tub while my daughter has a confused look, to go along with mine, on her face. I look down at the tub and see, oh yes, brown. Lots and lots of brown. Oh, it is so not pretty. My daughter has pooped in the tub. FOUL!

So, of course, I insist my poor hubby get it out while I grab the peanut up and run her to our tub. My husband starts cleaning the peanut’s tub with Comet in the meantime. After I’ve rinsed the peanut off, start up the water again, tubs filling, I look down again, oh yeah, this is just gross. The child must have felt seriously comfortable in the bath tonight. So, naturally, I make my husband do the cleaning all over again. Oh, there are some serious benefits to being married ladies!

So, she did stop the poop fest about that point. Good thing, because we also ran out of hot water right about then. Oh, the joys of parenthood!


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  1. Glass Half Full
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 08:22:16

    That is icky! My oldest son had a habit of picking bathtime to do number 2 during late infancy. I was ready to give up!


  2. Adventures In Babywearing
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 08:28:13

    Oh no! So nice your hubby is so helpful. Mine would not stomach that!!



  3. Elizabeth-The Whole Family
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 21:37:18



  4. ttjk
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 01:34:14

    Oh, that is nasty – I remember that vividly! I experienced this with both kids. With the second one, my thankfulness was not only that my honey was so helpful, but that we had two tubs so we could do the switcheroo! We didn’t have that luxury with the first child – it made it much more adventurous!


  5. Christine
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 03:06:04

    My stomach almost got sick reading that! Maybe I have a weaker stomach than I thought! Just the image of the poop, and the puke. Yes, you are very lucky, my husband wouldn’t have helped me. Hope you win, that’s a really GROSS story!


  6. Bonnie
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 04:34:54

    So,I totally understand! Our dilema involved our 13 year old and a poosicle, totally hilarious now, nut so much then! it was a while ago, but I will never forget.!92962B453FD4F471!671.entry if you have a second and need a chuckle you can check it out.


  7. Bonnie
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 04:39:55

    that didn’t work very well, sorry, the date was May 10 if you can’t copy and paste that link.


  8. Young Tami
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 08:22:11

    Yummy 😉 Okay, now that didn’t sound right when I wrote it, but I’m leaving my sarcastic remark anyways! I totally understand… Liv had the runs one time, in her swimsuit, with her little brother & myself in the same pool of water… GROSS!


  9. Carole
    Jul 24, 2007 @ 00:36:18

    See…these are the stories that need to come out someday when potential boyfriends make their appearance. 🙂 Zak barfed all over Jonathan once…down into his pockets and everything. It was quite funny because it didn’t happen to me.


  10. gail
    Jul 24, 2007 @ 02:55:17

    Did you ever see Groundhog Day? All I have to say is BabyRuth bar! Too funny. g


  11. Elizabeth
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 04:41:56

    I finally had the chance to respond to your comment on my blog, so I wanted to say You are Very Welcome- It was all my pleasure! 🙂 your story reminded me of Samuel and his painting with poo at naptime story- yucky! 🙂


  12. Susan
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 20:52:07

    Have fun on your trip.. I pray you get the blessing you are looking forward to..


  13. Susan
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 20:53:21

    At least she didn’t play with the poop!


  14. Greg
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 07:40:54

    Yep…It happens.

    I can not believe the stuff i had to clean up that I thought i could neve be able to do.

    Hubby!!! It has only just begun dude.

    Thank God for bleach and disinfectants.

    You all be well, Greg

    Sometime I wish my children were little again and then I am reminded of moment like you shared,


  15. nspiredbyfaith
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 20:08:35

    Ewwwwwwww!…I’m sure my time is coming soon!


  16. nspiredbyfaith
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 20:09:54

    I hope you guys have a wonderful time on your trip, and are able to minister to many!


  17. Pauline
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 21:45:48

    Hi Amy, this is such a cute story, I know it’s gross but funny. Kids will do that! Anyway, I wish you on wonderful on your trip and wish you many blessings. Hugs, Pauline


  18. JackieSue
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 05:02:39


    i blogged about my grossest story a while back. it is really really foul and involves my child vomiting in my mouth. here’s the link if you dare:


  19. CasualFridayEveryday
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 07:39:53

    Oh, yes. I’ve had those moments with my boys, too. It’s gross for sure! lol


  20. Brenda (Brenda's World)
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 09:47:33

    Oh the joys!!! It’s been too long since I’ve had baby poop stories – I almost forgot!

    How the heck are you?? Congratulations on the move – by your last Thursday 13 it sounds like you have found the perfect home. (fresh eggs sound like a nice perk.)

    I will have to come back and do some more catching up. I blog few and far between these days but summer is taking my attention elsewhere.

    I’ll be back – take care,


  21. gail
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 03:53:12

    Where, oh, were have you been? Hope all is well with you and yours.

    I got the wrong movie in my last comment. It had to do with a groundhog but it was Caddyshack!


  22. Steve
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 20:34:13

    Hi there Amy. I keep forgetting that you moved trouble with Spaces? A lot of others have. How was the move? I hope it went well and that you are settled. IU hopes all is well with you, hubby and peanut. How is peanut by the way? Stop by when you can. Take care of yourself.


  23. Christine
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 06:52:04

    Hello… Haven’t been by in a while, but I see you’ve been busy too!
    Hope all is well with you and your family!!!
    Blessings, Christine (aka YoungMommy)


  24. Jessica
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 10:22:33

    Great story, Amy! This seems to happen to Peanut a lot. I wish I could have seen your hubby’s face!

    I think mine would throw up. He doesn’t like stuff like that but who does.

    Hope y’all are doing well!



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