Home is where you hang your heart

OK, so the saying above is mostly true, but come on, I need a place to hang it people!

We decided to not buy the previously mentioned house.  Yeah, the one with mold.  Albeit a very small amount.  That wasn’t completely why.  We just didn’t like dealing with the realtor.  He seemed unscrupulious to us.  And, when you are spending that much money you don’t want to deal with someone unscrupulious.  So, here we go again looking for another house.

I think we have given up looking for a house near church, which was one of our main reasons for moving.  Ugh!  It is just so ridiculously expensive to live in that area.  We would wind up settling for an itty bitty house just to say we lived in that area.  And, we’d have to settle and not get all the things that we really want in a house.  That’s just not a good idea.  Then you will never enjoy being in the house.  So, now we are looking at an area about 15 minutes away from church, which, is what we are now.  It’s outside the city as well, decently priced housing and a cute little town.  I took this picture to the right today when I was driving through looking at houses.  What a beautiful rainbow it was!! 

So, off we go again…  I’m going to look at a few houses this morning with the realtor and my husband will come back for any that I liked tomorrow.  Wish us all good things!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 14:59:59

    Hey Amy.. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with the house you were looking at.. I love rainbows… Every time I see one, which always seems to be during a rough patch, I’m reminded by God that there is a pot of gold at the end..

    Have a blessed weekend… Happy house hunting..


  2. Cynthia
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 15:21:42

    15 minutes from church sounds GREAT to me. We live about 30-40 minutes away depending on which way we go. Happy house hunting!


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