So, I thought I’d update a little on what is going on with our family lately.

The peanut…she has gained three new words in the last week.  No (which is just soooo much fun), uh oh (which is rather cute) and the personal favorite for my family, Amy.  Yes, she now says her mama’s first name like she actually knows what she’s talking about.  I try not to respond to it though and only to Mommy.  My neice says it constantly though so I’m sure that’s where she got it.

She is still not walking, but getting a little closer everyday.  She has taken a few steps here and there.  The problem continues to be that she can’t stand independently and has problems with balance.  Any day now she should begin therapy, I’m just waiting for the PT to call.  I feel so bad for her as she can’t do the things her peers can do without help.  She wants freedom so bad but has to wait a bit longer for more of it.

The house…well, since we were on vacation last week we’ve made absolutely no progress on that at all.  We are starting to narrow down what we want and we are going to look for some on Wednesday and then this weekend.  Ugh, this is seriously not my favorite part.  We may have to wind up living in an apartment for awhile.  We just don’t want to rush in and then regret it later.  We only have a little over a month to move, that is so crazy!  We have to do some serious praying right now!

Hungary…we got the letters out this week so we’ll see how the support raising goes.  We are so thankful to my parents who are giving us the tithe on a decent sized bonus for the trip.  So, add that to the money we put down and we are nearly 1/3 of the way there!  Woo hoo, progress!  For some reason it’s signifigantly more than it was last time, nearly $1000 more to be exact so we are just going to have to trust God on this one.  While we were in TN we saw one of the dinner theatre shows and the waiter was from Hungary.  Isn’t that interesting?  In TN of all places.  I was thankful because it gave my sister confirmation that we were supposed to go.  That’s a good thing.  So, I just think God works things out so beautifully!

My husband’s job…he has a second interview tomorrow.  This is really good news because we need to know if he will get it to be able to figure out the numbers for a mortgage.  We won’t buy a house until we know.  The interesting part is that they are not even done with the first round of interviews yet.  They usually don’t start second round until the first round is complete so maybe that’s a good sign.  People around the office keep telling him it’s his to lose so let’s just pray he will do well in the interview tomorrow.  We are excited to find out God’s will either way.  It will give us a little more direction anyway.

So, yeah, lots going on, which is why I’ve updated so little.  I just feel a little busy right now so it’s hard to concentrate.  I will be getting around to everyone at some point.  I have not forgotten you!  I promise!! 🙂

Take care all!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 11:34:13

    Dear Amy,
    Thanks so much for the update! It sounds have many things “on your plate” right now! Your peanut is so cute and I hope that when she starts therapy it will help her to take those first little steps!
    I will say a prayer for your house situation, it’s amazing how much is involved in the selling and buying of homes!
    I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to comments on my blog as I should, but I just haven’t been able to find the time the way I used to! One of these days I’ll get better at time juggling, I promise!
    Could you send me your address? I would like to send a *small* gift to help you on your missions trip to Hungary. My email address is godscanvasatyahoodotcom (hopefully you can figure that out because I am trying to keep it as safe as possible) Have a good day! 🙂


  2. carrie211
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 17:07:06

    Yep, you sure sound busy! Lilla is soooo cute, and hooray for the new words!

    Good luck with everything regarding your trip to Hungary. When are you going, again? You’re in my prayers!

    And house hunting….that can be fun….and then again, frustrating all at the same time. Just pray about it (and about the possible new job for hubby) and God will lead you to exactly where he wants you.

    Hang in there!
    Have a great day!
    God bless 🙂


  3. Pauline
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 18:10:36

    Hi Amy, it seems there a lot going in your life right now, that’s great. And the peanut seems to be doing so well. So there is a lot to be thankful for, but you have to take a deep breath and smell the rose too, or you will get exhausted. Take good care Amy, and God bless you all, luv, Pauline


  4. gail
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 21:02:02

    Everything in due time, Amy. Our Bells is now almost 19 mos. old and says hardly any words! Sometimes I worry but then I realize that all is in God’s hands.

    Give the Peanut a kiss for Auntie g.


  5. meg
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 23:47:53

    The waiting is hard, I know, but it will come about when it’s supposed to; you have so much to look forward to doing, it really is an exciting time.


  6. snpnmnmi
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 23:58:30

    Busy I’d say! 🙂 I’m surprised you made time to sit down now! Of course, I would look at the mounds of stuff and go “OK, time to blog… I need a mental break!” I’m just that irresponsible.
    Peanut will get the help she needs and in the meantime has a supportive Mommy urging her on to new heights. Oh, she’s verbal! Watch out! She’s preparing to steal your heart even further away. What a cutie.
    God is faithful when we’re trying for Him. The house, the job, the trip… keep praying and he’ll lift you to great heights for His name just like the Peanut ~ what’s a father for?


  7. Greg
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 01:21:59

    Howdy, Thank you for stopping by and giving us an update.
    Yes, you three have a lot going on. Sometimes I think Peanut looks like you and than sometimes sh looks just lie daddy. She’s a cutie for sure. makes me miss my children when they were toddlers. Well, I don’t miss the dirty diapers.

    Faith, patience, and following God’s Spirit will give your family all the correct answers. You all be well, Greg


  8. carrie211
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 14:30:08

    Just stopping by and wanted to say hello! I hope you’re having a good day!
    God bless 🙂


  9. -Sunflower-
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 16:34:23

    Whoa Amy… you are crazy busy! Peanut is just getting cuter and cuter. Anyway, I just wanted to come by and say hey there. I hope everything works out, but then you and I both know it will because we are trusting in the same Lord, whom we know will do what is right for us! Have a great rest of the week. -Susan


  10. YoungMommy
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 05:28:49

    How did your hubby’s interview go yesterday? I’m dying to know!!

    I, too, would like to send you a little something for your mission trip… Email me when you get a chance, please. (You’ll find a link to my email address on my blog.)

    Hey, I’m shocked you read all of my favorite posts… When I wrote my TT list I guess I didn’t think people actually would read them! 🙂



  11. Mimi Rhonda
    Jun 08, 2007 @ 10:45:20

    What a beautiful family you have…thanks for visiting my blog…I am a fairly new blogger.


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