5 Things I’m thankful for

To continue on in my being thankful, here are five things off the top of my head:

1. My in-laws.  They are absolutely terrific and I seriously could not have handpicked better ones.  They are the kind of people you just want to know.  Anytime you call them, they will come running to help.  I love that.  Tonight we had two showings so I needed to take the dog and baby over there and there they were.  Great people.

2. Sleep.  I need a lot of it lately, as does the peanut.  She has been super crabby and demanding lately and sleep is just sweet right now.

3. My husband’s interview went well.  Before the interview his director asked the team he’d managed for three months how he did and they had nothing but praises for him.  He got some gold stars today.  That doesn’t mean he’ll get it, but I’m really glad that people appreciate his hard work and proud of him for it!

4. Ice cream sandwiches.  They are so delicious!  If you’ve not had one in a long while I would seriously suggest trying them again.  I did today and they were yummy!

5. Sunshine.  Although it has been unusually hot for this time of year, I have a pretty nice looking tan and the feel of the sun on my face can’t be beat!

What are you thankful for today?!?!