You will always find them on the job…

Last week my 18 year old brother graduated from high school.  I can hardly believe that is possible.  He lives all the way down in Florida, and since I live in the midwest, the trip just wasn’t possible for our family. 

He’s a pretty smart kid and could have done a lot of things.  He could have gone to college, he thought about starting his own business, he could have worked.  You know this list.  Anyway, what does he decided to do?  He joined the Marines. 

What is he thinking you might wonder?  To be completely honest, I think he is desperately trying to get my dad to love him.  My dad was in the reserves.  See, he just doesn’t have too much in common with dad and my little sister is my dad’s favorite.  Isn’t that ridiculous that I even have to say that?  My family has a serious problem with favorites.  Everyone has one.  That makes me sick.  What kind of parent picks favorites?  I know that every child is different and every parent will connect with each one in a different way, but to have a favorite is, in my opinion, a sign of a mental health problem.  I’m serious when I say that too.  I think people who do that need therapy.  OK, I’ll get off that rant, and tell you more about Chris.

So Chris is one of those just really sweet natured kids.   He’s always loving and hugging on someone, just an affectionate person.  He has a sweet smile and is really good with kids.  He got ok grades in school and he is not fabulously athletic but he did play sports.  He wasn’t the most popular kid in school, but he has had some friendships that have lasted since he was in grammer school.  He’s one of those kind of kids.

The chance of Chris going to Iraq, is, let’s face it, pretty real.  The war is not going to be ending anytime soon and that is what happens when you sign up for the military.  Chris accepted Christ years ago, which is a comfort, but he doesn’t live the lifestyle at all.  He is a person that desires to be loved and I’m afraid he is a follower more than a leader.  So, let’s just say his choice of friends is not the cream of the crop. 

Please join me in praying for him that God will lead and direct him in this journey and that he will return safely.  You know, funny things happen when there is a major life change like this.  I hope it will be good for Chris, that he’ll find out who he is and grow closer to God through the experience.  Also, I really hope he comes back.

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14 thoughts on “You will always find them on the job…

  1. What a tough situation to be in…You want to support your brother, but there are so many facets that will affect his life in this decision it must be hard. I will say a prayer for your brother that God’s will be done in his life, and God’s protection be upon him no matter what road he travels in life!!!

  2. Many prayers for all your family and for his safety.

    I tell my kids, “one of you is my favorite, I’m just not going to tell you who it is.” They each think they are my favorite. And they are right. However, I do enjoy one more than the others somedays – depends which one wakes up in a bad mood for the day and of coures that changes daily.

  3. The benefits of having one boy and one girl is that they are my favorite boy and my favorite girl… lol! Seriously though, parents playing favorites really is sad and hurtful to the children! I pray that your brother Chris will be kept safe in His hands. Take care.

  4. Hi Amy, I will be joining you and many to pray for Chris. I am sure God will keep His Hand on Him dear. Praying is all we can do right now to help him. Take good care Amy, God bless you. ~Hug, Pauline

  5. i will definitely be praying for your brother. also, i love your lists of thankful things the past few days…isn’t it great to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. at one point (yeah…i should still do it NOW) i was writing down a list of at least 5 things every night before i went to bed…perhaps i should start that again!

  6. I will be praying; I’m facing this with Sam in a couple of years- he has mentioned joining the Navy a couple of times, & each time my heart stops. At least he’s decided to finish at least an AA degree beforehand, so he can be an officer canidate, & I am proud he’s willing to serve his country.
    As far as having favorites: although we love each of our children deeply & irrevocably, it is natural to have a closer connection with a certain child- personalities & interests are varied & some people are…challenging to be around- but showing partiallity toward one child definitely isn’t healthy.

  7. You should be very proud of him for making a decision. I know several young men who graduated a year ago and still haven’t done a thing…not even a job! Prayers for your family, but I know God has a plan…Chris will come back A MAN!

  8. I will pray for you brothers safety. Joining the Marines really does help shape and mold young boys into wonderful men most of the time. My husband was a Marine and I believe it helped make him into the person I love so much today. Be proud of him and most importantly make sure he knows how proud of him you are.

  9. Amy,
    Chris is in my thoughts and prayers. May he lead the life that God designed for him to lead. I’m praying for his safety as well.

  10. Amy…you and your little brother are in my prayers. My brother also is a marine and has been to Iraq on three tours. One tour ended in him coming home with a purple heart and losing his best friend, but God obviously had another plan for my brother. I am happy to say that he is now closer to home stationed in Virginia and he now trains officers. It is scary thinking about your little brother so far from home doing things that are completely unfathionable to those of us here in our comfy houses living our comfy lives. If you need somebody to talk to please email me anytime. God has a plan!!!

  11. Oh man – I’m definitely praying for him, and the rest of your family too! My brother almost went into the army once. I’m so glad he didn’t.

    Hope you’re having a good week!
    God bless 🙂

  12. Amy,
    Chris is in my thoughts and prayers. My brother joined the Marines right out of high school too, and you know it was before the War, but he got to see and do things, he would never have gotten to do. Things are different now, I just pray God will be with him on his journies.

    BTW-I don’t believe in picking favorites with my kids, but in my post today, I’ve got a favorite Aunt out of 5. I know, after I read your post I started feeling like Oh no….but I have more in common with her and we get along really well. Out of all the grandchildren other than her children my husband and my SIL are her favorites. But never ones children, I completely agree.

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