Ornithophobia – It’s for the birds


Ornithophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of birds. Sufferers from ornithophobia experience undue anxiety about encountering and even being attacked by birds although they may realize their fears are quite irrational.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I’m scared as hell of birds.  I am really not kidding.  Totally irrational as it may be, they terrify me.  When I was a little girl, that darned Alfred Hitchcock movie was shown to me and to this day they are more frightening to me then mice or spiders even. 

So, Mr. Right and I were just out in the yard, mulching, what’s new right, when he came around the corner and said, “Now Amy, because I love you, I need to tell you something.”  Thinking he’s being melodramtic, because, well, he is, I said, “Okay, what is it?”  (Note sarcasm)  

He then replied that there was a birdnest in the evergreen next to the house, little baby birds in it and that one of them just decided to make itself at home in OUR GARAGE!! HOlY COW!  So, as any normal person would do I demand that he get it out ASAP.  We go trekking around the side of the house, toward the sqwakers in the tree and just as Mr. Right approaches it, with me behind, out flies daddy bird.  He continues to pass and, wouldn’t you know it, mama bird decided to head in my direction, RIGHT AT MY FACE!!  Oh, I am so not kidding.  What’s a girl to do but hit the deck with the speed of lightening and in the process hit myself in the head with the rake in my hand.  Yeah, I had one of THOSE days!  And my sweet, loving husband almost wet himself laughing so hard.  He couldn’t even control himself.  Particularly funny to him, I’m sure, since just last week he said he would pay to see a bird come after me.  Yeah, he’s super sweet that way! 🙂

So, needless to say, my Ornithophobia has not subsided but has only increased.  Oh Mr. Robin, why did you do it????


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  1. nspiredbyfaith
    May 06, 2007 @ 03:29:47

    Oh no! People can laugh about it, but if something they feared, say oh, a snake, came at them like that, they’d run for their life! (myself included!)

    I’m with ya on that movie! I hated even to see the commercials for the thing!


  2. Ann
    May 06, 2007 @ 06:18:37

    Hello there! Just dropped by to say hi, and I have to say, I understand your pain! Birds don’t bother me, my fear is grasshoppers. Totally silly, I know. What can they do? But I got one stuck in my hair as a child, and they still terrify me. And yes – my husband and other “loving” family members get a huge kick out of it.


  3. snpnmnmi
    May 06, 2007 @ 13:04:25

    OK, so I’m stopping by because I haven’t in a while (trying to watch my blog hours… yes, hours), and I’m reading and reading and laughing and groaning and I’m going to have to come back later becasue you’re going to suck me in and I’m ging to be late for church. I WILL be back later (after I sweep and mop the kitchen floor during nap, yuck).


  4. Liz
    May 07, 2007 @ 02:08:37

    I really feel for you. My fear is driving. I absolutely can’t stand to get behind the steering wheel although I am getting somewhat better. My husband has a fear of spiders. So everytime he brings it up about me learning to drive and simply will not let it go, I always tell him that if he doesn’t leave me alone about it that I will find the biggest spider and place it on him. He doesn’t let up completely but I do manage to get some peace.


  5. Brenda (Brenda's World)
    May 07, 2007 @ 02:38:41

    Hi Amy! I’m not a bird lover and I’m not sure how I would react should a big sucker decide to fly straight at me butit would probably be similar to what you did!!

    I loved the photo of Lilla and her cousin dancing – adorable little ones!

    Good luck with selling the house and the search for the perfect one that meets your needs.

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Rach (Heart of Rachel)
    May 08, 2007 @ 13:12:47

    Hi Amy. I didn’t know what this phobia is called before. Thanks for this enlightening post. You see, my mom has this phobia. She is terrified of all kinds of birds. When I was younger, her fear was so extreme that she couldn’t even hold a frozen chicken, nor can she cook it or eat anything with chicken. But when she went to the NY to live there for good, I’m glad to know that her fear has somehow subsided. She can now cook chicken although she still doesn’t like to eat it. Anyway, it’s still a good sign.


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