Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream

Today was “one of those days”.  Just tired.  I don’t like it when I’m tired.  I feel like it’s not fair to the peanut or Mr. Right.  I get so moody, I have very little patience, and I’m just plain no fun to be around.  I don’t like me like this.  I don’t enjoy being around myself.  I know it affects my family.  I need sleep.  Good night.


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  1. NspiredByFaith
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 10:46:25

    I hope today is off to a better start for you! May you be well rested and feeling on top of the world! Have a wonderful day!


  2. carrie211
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 16:51:49

    I hope you’re feeling better now! It’s so amazing how when we’re tired everything just seems…worse. Take it easy!
    God bless 🙂


  3. carrie211
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 16:55:27

    Oh and one more thing….you mentioned over on my blog that you couldn’t get your blogroll to show up.

    You have to go to your dashboard thingie, then click on “presentation” and then “sidebar widgets”. You have to add a link feature thing. Then save. It should show up then. Don’t ask me how I figured that out. I don’t remember. LOL

    God bless 🙂


  4. carrie211
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 16:56:18

    Uhhhh never mind, just saw that you figured it out already ROFL

    I’m going now…really….no more comments today.


  5. FullofGracenBlessings
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 17:11:03

    Believe me, we ALL have those days! Mine was on Monday, and I just couldn’t wait for the end of the day. I wanted to scream “PLEASE LEAVE MAMA ALONE” but couldn’t unless I wanted to permanently scar my kiddos 🙂 I hope your day gets better, and I hope the sandman brings you many wonderful dreams 🙂


  6. thewonderwife
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 17:55:06

    i do hope you got some rest! we had some of “those days” lately…


  7. YoungMommy
    Apr 12, 2007 @ 05:20:51

    I’m sorry you had “one of those day”… Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


  8. Christine
    Apr 12, 2007 @ 09:50:02

    I don’t like days like that either. I end up taking a couple naps with the girls, and then I’m fine. Try and get some rest, and have some wonderful dreams! 🙂


  9. kimo & sabi
    Apr 13, 2007 @ 00:18:38

    Cats would let you drown too.


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