I figured it out, sort of…

I just wanted to say thank you to Liz, the inspiration for my being able to have, not one, but TWO blogs. No, I don’t really need two, but if spaces keeps wigging out on me, I will be able to go to old reliable blogger. And, this allows me to not lose information but just publish it in two spaces at once. Fabulous! So, I will suggest it to all of you, windows live writer is the way to go. I just did a google search for it and downloaded it. Now, it is on my hard drive, so I just pull it up, instead of the whole blog, and type in whatever I want, and then publish it in both places. Very Cool!

So, Mr. Riht is still sick, although he does seem to be improving. He, literally, slept nearly the entire day. He’s been pretty weak and not had an appetite at all. We just had sandwiches for dinner due to his stomach being so fragile. Oh, and I also made Vegetable soup for lunch which was really good. I didn’t even need a recipe and I never made it before. I just kind of thought about what probably went into it and threw in any vegetables I had. It was really yummy. I tell ya, watching the food network really comes in handy. I’m really learning to cook.

Oh, the other news is, this week the peanut finally decided to start standing up on her own. I tell ya, she puts things off until she is darn good and ready and then she goes after them with a vengence. I was starting to get worried about her as she will be a year next week and she wasn’t even pulling up on anything, now everytime I turn around she’s standing up. What a nut!
Her ears are another story. We had to go back to the doctor today because she’s been banging on them so much, even on antibiotics. The ENT still has not called to make the appointment and the poor baby is in pain. Unfortunately, no one likes to deal with CIGNA (our insurance) so only one ENT in Indianapolis takes them and they are slow to return the doctor’s calls. Please pray that they will call soon, the peanut is in a lot of pain. So, here we are on like the 5th or 6th antibiotic. We’ve lost count. That, and living on Tylenol. I’ve never been one to take medicine but I can’t watch the peanut in pain so I feel like it’s a steady diet for her. Hopefully it will be done soon.

Anyway, I have to get up to go to MOPS in the morning so I’m going to go crawl into my warm bed, cuddle up next to the sicky and drift off into dreamland…sweet dreams to you all!


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