Measuring Trees

Last night Mr. Right’s and I finally bought a Christmas tree. Oh, yes, we did have one already that had been a hand-me down probably of a hand-me down, but it was rather Charlie Brown looking, so we decided now that we have the peanut Christmas matters more and we should get a tree that the angel on top no longer dwarfs. We had actually been looking for the past few weeks and I had thought just about every tree we looked at just looked too fake. Now I know, it is fake, but in the age of actually being able to clone a living being, you’d think they could make a tree look presentable for goodness sake. So, we looked and looked and looked, and finally saw that Menards was having a 30% off sale this week so we went over to our friendly neighborhood Menards and looked some more. Of course there was only one that I liked and we couldn’t find a price tag so we needed some help. There was no help to be found for quite some time, and the last trees of that variety got snapped up. Ugh!

Well, we decided to run over to another Menards, and try to find one there. Yeah! We found one! So, we loaded it up in the car (and when I say loaded it up, I mean opened the box, took out all the pieces, shoved those said pieces into the trunk and shut it as fast as we could before they came forth) and went home. Mind you, when we opened the trunk those pieces than flew out of the trunk. Too funny!

So, then we started to put up the tree and realized it was a lot bigger than we had really realized. Oh, how humongous it looks in our living room! Also, because the actual box was too big for our car we had to leave it at Menards and therefore could not take it back. We had to move all of the furniture, and put some in the garage and other rooms before that big old tree could be shoved in a corner. But, let me just tell you how beautiful this tree is! We didn’t have time to put the lights and ornaments on last night, and it is already fabulous! And you should have seen the peanut’s face light up when I brought her into the living room today and she saw that tree there. Too fun!

Moral of the story…don’t forget to measure things before you buy them!

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